Philips Hue Sync Review

Philips Hue Sync is a free application that will run on any Windows 10 or Mac OS Sierra (and up) computers. Philips Hue Sync creates immediate, immersive light scripts based on games, movies or music content being played on the computer. 

After creating an entertainment area in the Philips Hue app, download and link the Philips Hue Sync app to your Philips Hue V2 bridge. From there, select video, gaming or audio mode. For video and gaming, the app analyses the screen content from your PC or Mac. That content is run through our smart algorithm and brought to life by the lights you have selected to be part of your entertainment area. For audio, the Philips Hue Sync app listens to the track and gathers the input to display dynamic effects to your lights.

Philips Hue Sync Mobile App

The  Philips Hue app will continue to exist and is key for all other lighting uses like home automation, scene and room control, etc. You need the Philips Hue app to create your entertainment area, a pre-requisite to making Philips Hue Sync work. The Philips Hue Sync app is meant for entertainment use and will only play in your entertainment area.

Philips Hue Sync will offer basic lighting control but is predominantly designed for entertainment. For all other features, you should use the Philips Hue app.

Depending on the content, the device on which it is running will send commands up to 25 times a second to the new streaming interface on the Philips Hue V2 bridge. This will change the light effects to sync perfectly with your entertainment experience, rather the content you are playing, watching or listening to. 

If your Philips Hue lights have been assigned to Philips Hue Entertainment and are part of the entertainment area currently in use, the lights will not react to other commands as entertainment is overruling. All your other Philips Hue lights not currently in use by entertainment will work as they normally do. Once you have finished streaming the lights in your entertainment area will resume to react on other inputs, e.g. accessories, voice control, etc.

Philips Hue Sync Desktop Application for Windows / Mac

Philips Hue is not by any means able to see what you are doing with Philips Hue Sync. Although they have insights in basic insights (number of downloads and installs etc.) Philips Hue cannot detect the content being watched or played on your computer. The program only reads the content and creates a lightscript based on this, it does not capture and store the image of the content anywhere.

Much like other applications on computer and other devices, Philips Hue Sync is not able to capture all content. Most notably application that does not allow screen capturing: Netflix and Netflix HD (using Windows Edge and Safari), Amazon Prime video (using Windows Edge and Safari), and Hulu (only Safari). Power DVD is also not supported.

Philips Hue works with all content streaming services as long as the content is duplicated from the computer on which Philips Hue Sync is running. As the application itself is not extended to these services it is paramount that the content is also played on the computer screen in order for Philips Hue Sync to capture the screen.

Download Hue Sync

You will be able to download the Philips Hue Sync app for Windows / Mac OS on

The Philips Hue Sync app is an application built for Windows 10 and Mac Sierra (and up) based computers. It does not support a mobile version.

How to setup Hue Sync

Integration with Razer Chroma

Within Philips Hue Sync there is an option to have your Razer Chroma equipment synchronize with Philips Hue. This implementation is not limited by the implementation of Razer Chroma games.

Related Questions

How does Hue Sync deal with dark content?

Philips Hue Sync ignores the dark corners around the content that usually appears when watching older movies, instead of focusing on the part which is actually displaying content.

When there are situation during gameplay or video content where the screen is dark, the Philips Hue lights will still produce a minimum amount of output in order for you to still be able to navigate.

How to customize the experience?

Phillips Hue Sync

Philips Hue Sync offers a number of customization options. Brightness over the entertainment area can be adjusted on the fly. The speed of dynamics effects can be tweaked via 4 different modes. The screen can be divided to encompass for the relative position of your lights. Furthermore, you are able to select a specific capture area of the screen the let the application focus on a single area.

Why do Philips Hue lights produce different colors of blue/green/cyan?

If it’s not matching the content currently being captured the reason for the difference is because of the updated color gamut. As its enabled entertainment for all color capable lights, older generations also work. Old generation products (Bloom, Iris, first generation E26/E27 bulbs).

Do I need the Hue app for Hue Sync to work?

Yes, you would need the Philips Hue app in order to create your entertainment area and to update your lights with the entertainment software. Once created, the Philips Hue Sync app is able to load the entertainment area and use those lights to synchronize to the content.

Do I need an additional update for Hue Sync?

No. If you have accepted the software updates for your lights after January 2018, and have updated your bridge to the last firmware, Philips Hue Sync does not need an additional software update.

With the launch of Hue Entertainment, there was a need for an application which can create the immersive light experiences out of the box, without any dependency. Right now, there are a large amount of third party apps in the field which provide great experiences, but there is no app which combines three domains of entertainment; audio, video and gaming. This is where Philips Hue Sync comes in!

Hue Sync Partners

To create even better light experiences Philips is working together with partners to get the feeling across that they want to convey. Specific lightscripts for instance, carefully written by developers can be the next level on top of the experience that Philips Hue Sync offers.

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