Philips Hue Smart Plug Review

Every country has different types of sockets and different regulations apply, in general your Philips retailer will deliver to you the right version. It’s not advised to use the Smart Plug in a different country as purchased.

The smart plug is not intended for outdoor use or humid environments and is designed to function optimal in indoor conditions. Like any other electrical indoor equipment please be careful with water spills near the product. It is not advised to add the Smart Plug to an extension cord.

If you add a Hue light to your Smart Plug, and it is turned off, you will need to turn on the Smart Plug first, then you can control the Hue light again.Smart Plug is specifically designed to work with a light. It will show up as a light in the Philips Hue app and act as a light in timers, routines, rooms and zones. The plug will remain working with all devices under the maximum among of wattage, but keep in mind that the commands you give (all lights on, blink all my lights in 10 minutes etc.) will include the device you connect to the Smart Plug. This can cause the appliance to malfunction. For this reason we do not recommend using the Smart Plug with anything other than a light. 

It will not be possible to dim your lights using the Smart Plug. Not all devices that could be added to a Smart Plug have the dimmability compatibility which is needed to ensure a safe use.

For mainland Europe the maximum wattage is 2300 watt, for Great Britain and Ireland 2860 watt and North America 1800 watt.

The Smart Plug will work flawless with your set routines, timer or schedule. However, please note that in cases where a dimming feature is needed, for example a Wake up & Go to sleep routines the Smart Plug is less suitable as it only supports on and off. This means that with the first trigger of dimming the light will go off or on completely.

The product is optimized to work with our Philips Hue App and Philips Hue Bluetooth app. Be aware that a 3rd party app might not be tailored to make proper use of the functionality of the Smart Plug.

How to Setup

After installing your Bridge, plug in your Smart Plug and make sure it’s powered on. The light will turn green. Then you can add it in the Philips Hue app. Go to Settings > Light Setup > Add light > Search. You can also reach the same menu via the add accessory menu.

If the light source itself has an on/off button, please make sure this is switched to on. Please retry to switch on/off with the Smart Plug. Double check what happens if you unplug the light from the mains. Certain lights turn off automatically when the power is removed. You need to manually switch these lights back on every time there is no power. These specific lights are not compatible with the Smart Plug.

If you hear a click noise every time you switch on or off a light, no worries, this is perfectly normal and is feedback that the product is working properly. The click sound comes from a component inside the product which ensures the power is on or off towards the light source you are controlling. You can not turn this click off.

When plugging in the Smart Plug, the light should turn on green. Then follow instructions of control you want to Touchlink. Hold the control within 15 centimeters of the Smart Plug. After pressing the button according to specifications, the LED on the Smart Plug will blink three times. If this is not the case you can reset the Smart Plug. Hold the button on the Smart Plug for 10 seconds, the LED will turn red, blink orange and finally turn green. You will hear a click at the same time. You can now Touchlink to the Smart Plug.

The Smart Plug is, like our Hue lights, only able to make a new connection in the first 30 minutes of power on (pairing mode). Take the Smart Plug out of the socket and reinstall it after 10 seconds. The LED will turn green and the Smart Plug is ready for pairing. If you are using the Philips Hue app, you can also find the Smart Plug by searching for the serial number of the plug in the Add Light menu.

Technical Questions

My LivingWhites and/or Smart Plug plug can’t Dim my lights and/or I lost my routines using it over Apple HomeKit, what happened?

Apple HomeKit will show your Smart Plug going forward as a plug in your setup, the default behavior of a plug has been set to on/off causing dimming and routines linked to them not longer to function. The same is the case in the Philips Hue app.

My Smart Plug is not working as it is supposed to, how I do I reset (factory new) the plug?

In the unlikely event the Smart Plug is not working as it is supposed to or you want to reset the plug for a different use, it is possible to reset (factory new) the button by press and hold the button on top of the product for 10 seconds until you hear a click and the light turns green.

Can I use my Smart Button or Dimmer Switch to use with my Smart Plug?

Yes, a Smart Button or Dimmer Switch can be added as control for your Smart Plug, simply configure it through the Philips Hue App or Touchlink when not using a Philips Hue Bridge.

Is it possible to see if the maximum amount of wattage is exceeded?

No, the Smart Plug is not equipped with a functionality that will notify pro-actively that the maximum amount is exceeded. When going into a failure, the red LED indicator will be turned on but please be advised this doesn’t prevent failure by exceeding the maximum load. Our device is equipped with a fuse to prevent unsafe situations in case a problem is about to occur, after the fuse has protected against the failure the product no longer can be used.

What is the lifetime of the Smart Plug?

The lifetime of the plug we claim is 10.000 times on and off (so 20.000 times switching the state). 

What is the meaning of the different LED signals

Red blinking: Over temperature. Check the nominal power of the device connected to the plug. If it’s below the maximum rated power of the plug, disconnect the plug and connect again.

Steady green: Steady green is shown to confirm the device just changed it’s state to ON. The steady green lasts for 30s after the state changes

Steady red: Steady red is shown to confirm the device just changed it’s state to OFF. The steady red lasts for 30s after the state changes.

Yellow blinking: Happens when the device is being touch linked to a Hue accessory or when you identify it via the app

I noticed the LED on the Smart plug turning off every time after a few seconds. Is this normal?

Yes. The lights turns red or green only for some time after the plug change it’s state to show the status.

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