Philips Hue Smart Button Review

Smart button controls lights your way making it convenient to control your smart lights. You can set the mood in one click and its wireless with multiple mounting options.

How to install

Hue Bridge + App

Open Philips Hue app > Settings > Accessory setup > Add accessory > Hue Smart Button

Press the button for 3 seconds, LED starts blinking orange.

If LED is not blinking, remove battery cover to find setup button and short press that (1 sec).

To reset the button, long press the setup button (10 sec), lights will flash all colors once.


First use: press button for 3 seconds so the LED will start flashing orange.

Make sure the Philips Hue bulb or light is in pairing mode (first 30 minutes after power cycle).

Hold the button close to a Philips Hue light and press the button for 3 seconds until the light starts flashing.

You can now control this light directly with the button.

To add multiple lights (up to 10) repeat this process, but make sure the button is flashing orange to connect (press setup button behind battery cover 1 sec).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the on/off functionality?

When the lights are off, the first press on the button will turn your lights on. When the lights are on, and you haven’t pressed the button for 3 seconds, the first press on the button will turn your lights off. After changing a scene, pushing two or multiple times on the button, you have to wait for 3 seconds before you can turn off the lights, when done earlier it will select the next scene.

Is the Smart Button HomeKit compatible?

Yes, you will be able to see and configure the Smart Button in HomeKit. 

What do you mean with ‘Natural rhythm/Natural light (inspired by nature)?

When connected to a Philips Hue Bridge, the Smart Button will give you different light recipe according to the time of day, when used with White Ambiance and/or White and Color Ambiance lights. The Smart Button (via the bridge) will pick the best recipe for the time of day. The default setting are white light recipes that support you natural bio rhythm, also refereed to as “natural light”. This behavior is configurable (time slots and recipes/scenes to match) to suit your needs and/or can be changed to a standards scene cycle in the settings screen of the Smart Button.

I notice that my package includes a wall mount and mini mount, how do I use these?

Wall mount and mini mount are included to give you the most flexibility of installation. The wall mount and mini mount are not used together but should be used separate. The wall mount gives you the option to install it next to, or replace, a wall switch and the mini mount is specifically designed to give a more discrete way of mounting on for instance cabinets, door posts or even below tables. Both wall mount and mini mount come with a strong adhesive tape that allows you to mount it on most (straight) surfaces. The magnetic button will be secure on the mount so it will not drop.

Can I use the adhesive tape on the backside of the wall and mini mount multiple times?

No, the tape works only once. It’s not advised to use it multiple times, this to avoid a drop of the mount and button. You can easily replace the tape with your preferred double-sided tape.

Is it safe to replace my light switch with the Smart Button (using the wall mount)?

Always involve an installer/electrician before replacing or removing a light switch to ensure a safe use. The Smart Button can not be connected to your wiring.

Can I use the Smart Button in the bathroom? Outdoors?

The Smart Button is IP44 rated, suitable for humid environments (North America: UL Damp). The Smart Button can be installed in a bathroom or storage for example. Always make sure it is placed of a minimal 60cm distance of a (running) water source like a tap. We do not recommend using the Smart Button outdoors.


How do I install the Smart Button?

The first time out of the box, you will always need to press the Smart Button for 3 seconds to activate it. If you bought it with a starter kit, follow the advised steps. Power on your lights, add the Philips Hue Bridge to your network, press the Smart Button(s) for 3 seconds and install the Philips Hue app. You should be guided to the Smart Button configuration in our section configuration -> accessory configuration.

In the unlikely event this didn’t happen, it is possible to add the Smart Button following the installation steps in the Accessory configuration which is found under the configuration tab in the Philips Hue app.

Can I use the Smart Button to dim my lights? (Can I turn it like the Lutron Aurora?)

You can dim your lights up and down by long pressing (hold) the Smart Button. The button will dim first down, then up. This pattern will continue for as long as the button is pressed and hold. If a long press doesn’t dim your lights, check the Smart Button settings in the Philips Hue app (dimming is standard, but a long press can be customized).

The Smart Button is not designed to dim up and down by turning the button on the wall plate.

I want to change the scenes, but my lights go off, what happened?

To change scenes when your lights are on you must press minimal three times, first press will turn off and second press will turn on the lights, within 3 seconds any next press within 3 seconds will change the scene.

To change scenes when your lights are off you must press minimal two times, first press will turn on and second press will bring you to the next scene, within 3 seconds. Any next press within 3 seconds will change to the next scene.

How can I customize what happens when I press the Smart Button? (Natural Light (time based settings) not matching needs for example)

The scene behavior is configurable to suit your needs. In the Smart Button configuration screen (under Accessory configuration). You can simply select which scene you would like to use within which time slot giving you the right atmosphere and light at the right time.

How can I turn off all lights in my house, a room or zone with my Smart Button?

A. When connected to the Philips Hue Bridge, the Smart Button settings in the Philips Hue app will give you the option to turn off all light in your home, room or zone (internal: zone support coming soon) by a long press. 

As default your button will be configured to dim up and dim down when holding it, but this can be changed to be an ‘all lights off’ switch. 

My Smart Button doesn’t work, and I don’t see any LED blinking, what happened?

Please check if the battery might be empty by replacing it with a new battery and press the setup button on the back of the product. The battery type needed is CR2032. If this this didn’t solve the issue and still no LED is blinking after press and hold 3 seconds, please contact our customer care.


How do I replace the battery and what type is needed?

The battery compartment can be opened at the backside, put a thin and small, flat screwdriver between the silicone and edge of the battery door (marked with a grey area) and pull up the battery door by pressing down the screwdriver. You will see a small space on the side of the battery, where you can insert the screwdriver and flip the battery up. Now the battery can be replaced with another CR2032 battery. Make sure to line up the battery door correctly before pressing it closed. (Internal: see image attached)

I want to Touch Link my Smart Button to a (ZigBee) light, how does this work

When not (yet) connected to a Philips Hue Bridge, Touchlink is easy to setup (Internal: applicable only for separate packaged smart buttons, in kits Smart Buttons are commissioned to the Hue Bridge). 
When new out of a package, press and hold the button for seconds until the LED on the front starts blinking green. On the backside of the product, below the battery door, you find a setup button which can be operated by a pin, press once and hold over 3 seconds the Smart button near (within 10cm) of the light source you want to pair.

When successful the light will blink three times, then you can release the press of the button. Follow above steps for every other light you want to Touchlink.

Don’t forget to put the battery door back on the product.

I can’t TouchLink (over ZigBee) any lights anymore (after connecting to the Philips Hue Bridge), is this correct?

Yes, once the Smart Button is configured to be used with a Philips Hue Bridge it will no longer be possible to Touchlink (over ZigBee) light sources.

My Smart Button is not working as it is supposed to, how I do I reset (factory new) the button?

In the unlikely event the Smart Button is not working as it is supposed to or you want to reset the button for a different use, it is possible to reset (factory new) the button by press and hold the set-up for 10 seconds.

I have added my Smart Button to my Philips Hue Bridge and now lights can’t be controlled anymore, what happened?

When the Smart Button is added to the Philips Hue Bridge the Smart Button will unlink all the lamps to the button, to have control again over the lights please add the lights to the bridge as well using the add light through the configuration tab in the Philips Hue app.

What is the meaning of the different LED signals?

Blinking orange: Button in commissioning mode. Ready to be added to the bridge when out of the box.

Short green: Button is controlling a lamp if touch linked or connected to the bridge.

Short orange: Button battery is depleting but will still last several months

Short red: Low battery. The button can still operate several weeks but be prepared to replace the battery.

Long red: Button not reachable by the bridge or the touch linked lamp (range or light unreachable)

Green-orange-red short burst: Button is reset. Happens after 10s long press when making a factory reset of the device

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  1. My hue smart button that came with my starter kit came with dead battery so I replaced it and hit the reset button on it but it just continuously blinks all the colors no matter how long I press it??? Please help

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