Philips Hue PAR38 Bulb Review

This PAR bulb has 1300 lumen bright white light, 3000k, dimmable, wide beam (40 degrees beam angle), 14W. The PAR38 has a E26 screw base. It comes in a single or double pack. You can safely use this lamp outside as its wet rated.

Available in USA only!

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What is this product?

Philips Hue white PAR38 is a floodlight bulb that you can use in existing PAR38 fixtures outdoor. It is UL wet rated, and suitable for use in -20 to +45 degrees Celsius, so perfect for outdoor use. It works like any other light in the Philips Hue system, just screw it in and add the light to your Hue system through the Hue app and you can control it like all your other Hue lights.

Why would I want this product?

This is perfect for example for the front of the house, lighting up the driveway as you arrive/leave home.

What’s the specifications? 

It is 1300 lumen bright white light, 3000k, dimmable, wide beam (40 degrees beam angle), 14W. The PAR38 has a E26 screw base.

Philips also released a floodlight, what’s the difference?

The Philips Hue floodlight fixture/luminaire is perfect if you want to have a new fixture with great performance. The PAR38 bulb is good for those people that already have a fixture at home where you use a PAR38 bulb today and simply want to replace the bulb.

My existing luminaire is made of metal, is there anything I should think about?

If your luminaire has a metal sleeve covering the full bulb RF performance (the connection to the Hue bridge and other Hue lights) can be impacted; for best RF performance use a fixture that only covers base of lamp or has a plastic material in the sleeve covering top of bulb (like the Philips Hue floodlight). If you want to use this product in metal sleeve luminaire, we recommend choosing the luminaire with inner diameter > 135mm.

What should I think about in the luminaire before buying the PAR38?

It is not suitable to use with luminaires that use motion sensor or timers, unless specifically designed for Philips Hue, as those cut the electricity to the bulb taking away the cleverness of the Hue system. It is not suitable for use with dimmers. Also consider the metal in the luminaire, see previous point.


My lights are not responding to (all) my commands?

Make sure the bridge is properly connected and the lights are powered on. Check in the app if the lights are reachable or not. In case they are unreachable it could be related to the range of the signal.

  • Power Cycle the bridge (disconnect from mains 10 seconds);
  • Bring light close to the bridge (within 2m if possible);
  • Check if there is a software update that needs to take place;
  • Check again by going to “settings”, “my lights”. “+ find my lights”.
  • Use serial number (6-digit code on lamp)
  • Go to “settings”, “my bridge”, “ZigBee channel change”.
  • Use lamp finder (can be found on

In case lights did respond previously:

  • Please check if there is anything in line of sight (e.g. car in front of your lights).
  • Check if any other lights in between your bridge and the outdoor lights are turned off via mains.

In case lights did not respond previously, or could not be found:

  • Check if the bulbs have been installed in a metal housing. This can prevent the signal to reach the bulb.
  • Check if the bulb is placed within a 10-meter distance of the bridge.
  • Do not bury the luminaire, bulb, or other form factor in the ground as this will prevent the system from reaching the light properly.
  • Avoid placing the lamp and/bridge near glass walls/doors (UV coating glass).
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  1. Please can you comment on if the Hue PAR 38 outdoor bulbs are available for UK 230v? So far web search only found 110-130v – thanks

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