Philips Hue Ludere Outdoor Light Review

Hue Ludere is part of the Hue outdoor product range. The product is sold as an extension in the ecosystem and comes without a bridge. Once connected to the bridge you can control it via the app or remote.  This product allows you freedom to tune the brightness of your light and control home and away. The product is sold with 2 PAR38 bulbs each providing a whooping 1300 lumen so your spaces is wel lit out. The color temperature is 3000 K.

Hue Ludere is available in USA only

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What is this product?

Philips Hue Ludere is a floodlight luminaire which comes with 2 x white PAR38 bulbs in the package. It is UL wet rated, and suitable for use in -20 to +45 degrees Celsius, so perfect for outdoor use. It works like any other light in the Philips Hue system, just screw it in and add the light to your Hue system through the Hue app and you can control it like all your other Hue lights.

Why would I want this product?

This is perfect for example for the front of the house, lighting up the driveway as you arrive/leave home.

What’s the specifications? 

It is 1300 lumen bright white light, 3000k, dimmable, wide beam (40 degrees beam angle), 14W. The PAR38 has a E26 screw base.

Philips also released separate bulbs, what’s the difference?

The Philips Hue floodlight fixture/luminaire is perfect if you want to have a new fixture with great performance. The PAR38 bulb is good for those people that already have a fixture at home where you use a PAR38 bulb today and simply want to replace the bulb.

I see the product also has some synthetic parts, why is this?

If your luminaire has a metal sleeve covering the full bulb RF performance (the connection to the Hue bridge and other Hue lights) can be impacted; for best RF performance use a fixture that only covers base of lamp or has a synthetic material in the sleeve covering top of bulb (like the Philips Hue floodlight). If you want to use this product in metal sleeve luminaire, we recommend choosing the luminaire with inner diameter > 135mm.

How to ensure these products will work outdoor

All luminaires are tested to perform against the criteria they are released under. This makes sure you have the best light experience outdoor. Always make sure there is no metal object placed in front of the luminaire as this might block RF signal. 

Hue bulbs are designed for indoor use. They are tested under certain temperatures and humidity levels to be able to predict how long they will last and make guarantees that they will work. If you use them in other ways than what they are designed for they may still work, but not guaranteed. In an outdoor rated luminaire (IP40 and above) there is typically not a problem with water, however heat can build up damaging the electronics in the bulb. For outdoor luminaires metal is also a common material, that can block the ZigBee (RF) signal, making it impossible/inconsistent to control the bulb.

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