How to setup Philips Hue ‘Power On Behavior’ feature

Phillips Hue Power On Behavior

The new ‘Power on behavior’ enables you to define what your Hue lamps should do when they are powered on. All the Hue lamps by default switch on to a warm white color (2700K) and full brightness. However, this is not always sufficient for most situations therefore, Philips added a new mode for your lamp: ‘Power loss recovery’. In this mode your Hue lamps will return to the settings they have before they were powered off. So, if your lights were set to a color, or dimmed, they will return to that state. Even if they were switched off via the app they will remain off. 

How would this work in real life? Imagine that you are enjoying a “relax” light recipe in your living room. Your children are in bed and asleep. A sudden power outage switches off all appliances in your home, including your Philips Hue lights. When the power returns – and you lamps were set to “Power loss recovery” – the lights in your living room switch back on to the “relax” settings you had, and the lights in the bedroom of your children will remain off. 

Once you have selected the color you like on one lamp, it will be stored as one of the 4 color swatches on the top left of the screen. You can use that selection of colors for any other lamp you want to configure. You still have to set the brightness for that lamp to the desired level. 

After toggling the light off and on twice the light goes to warm white, 100% brightness. If you have specified a custom color it will return to the custom color if you switch the light off and on.

How to configure Power On Behavior

Related Questions 

Can I select one custom color for my entire home or room? 

No, you can set the color per light. If you want different lights to have the same color when they are powered on you can use the color swatches on the top left of the screen to use the exact same color on multiple lamps. This color will be stored as soon as you apply it to a lamp. 

What happens after a power cut if the power is restored in the middle of the night?

The lamps will switch on, as that is the last state they were in. The individual lamps do not have any notion of time, and it is currently not possible to select for different time frames different power on behaviors. 

Will Routines such as “Wake up” and “Go to sleep” work? 

No. The light effect is stopped when the light is switched off. If you power the light back on it will return to the end state of the light effect. This means that for a “Wake up”, it will go to full brightness. For “Go to sleep” it will go to the lowest brightness setting.

Does power-on behavior work on Hue Bridge Ver 1?  

The power-on behavior will not work on the first generation (round version) bridge.

What is needed to use this feature?

This is a feature is available on all the official Hue lamps that have ever been released. Via a free software update for your Hue lamps and your Hue bridge this feature is available to you. Please make sure to keep your bridge and Hue lamps up-to-date.

Is the recovery mode available for the luminaires? 

The recovery mode is also available on the luminaires, but it may be difficult to trigger it. For many of the luminaires there are technical limitations that make it difficult or impossible to detect when the power to the luminaire has been cut, due to energy that remains in the internal circuitry. Therefore, it can take up to 10 seconds (depending on the type of luminaire) before the luminaire is completely without power. 

How long between power outages to not trigger recovery mode?

The recovery mode will trigger if the light is toggled off and on twice within 15 seconds. Through extensive testing we have optimized the detection of the recovery mode. Only in very rare cases the recovery mode may be triggered automatically.

Will this feature work with third party bulbs and lights? 

This feature is rolled out for Hue lamps only. Since Philips do not control the software on 3rd party lamps you will have to refer to the manufacturer of the lamp to see whether that lamp has a similar feature and how to enable the feature on those products. 

How do I install this new feature? 

The feature will be available through a free software update of your Hue lamps and Hue bridge. Please ensure that you keep the system up to date. Changing the ‘power on behavior’ will be offered through Hue labs where you can define for individual bulbs, for entire rooms or the full home how you want the Hue lamps to behave when they are powered on. 

Which setting should I use and when? 

The ‘power on behavior’ is designed to completely tailor your Hue lamps to your personal needs. If you are unsure how to use these we recommend to continue using the Philips Hue default settings, as those give the most predictable and consistent experience. 

If you experience regular power dips in your power supply we recommend you to set the Hue lights to “Power fail robustness”. This will make your Hue lamps return to the state before the power dip. This can also be a useful setting when you leave your home for a longer period (e.g. when you go on holiday). 

Can I set one choice for a power outage and another one for use of the wall switch?

You can set each individual light point in your home to one of the two “power on behaviors”: 1. Philips Hue default, 2. Power loss recovery. For convenience you can set it per lamp so you can tailor the complete system to your needs. 

My light flashes when I have set it to ‘Power loss recovery’ and there is a power dip. What can I do? 

We have seen in rare cases on a limited set of hardware. The light will switch off as soon as possible, but unfortunately this results in a short flash. If this problem occurs we can only recommend you to not use ‘Power loss recovery’ for that specific device. 

I have set my lights to ‘power loss recovery’ and switched off the light with a wall switch, but it comes back to the default setting. 

The lamp will only store its current color setting if the lamp is on the same color setting for 7 seconds. You need to wait for 7 seconds before the light state is stored after changing color settings via the app. After that you can power cycle the lamp and it will return to the last state. 

I have a ‘Living Whites’ product that indicates there is a software update, but when I open the software update I don’t see any update. 

Unfortunately the Living White products are not officially part of the Philips Hue range and will not receive software updates. Therefore the Power-on behavior will also not be available on these products. 

Default startup of beyond/phoenix/living color has changed

There we some lamp types that had dedicated power-on behaviors. When we rolled out the update to support power-on behavior all the lamps and bulbs will now have the same settings. If you have changed the settings and wish to revert to the original settings that your lamp had when it left the factory, please factory reset the lamp, and add it to your system again. Don’t change the power-on behavior for those lamps or bulbs.

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