How to Setup Philips Hue Bulbs

If you already have a HUE bridge, you can connect up to 50 lights to it. The steps to add the bulbs are:

1. Plug the bulb into the socket.

2. Go to My Hue > Settings > Light Setup

3. Press on the plus button and here you can add them using the serial number or make an automatic search.

4. Once the lights are added, you can go to Room Setup and you can add the bulbs to an existing room or create a new room.

Common Issues

Hue bulb is unreachable

If you are experiencing issues with the Hue system and the bulbs are unreachable in the Hue app, check the following:

When on/off wall switch is pressed, does the bulb turn on?

In order to connect the Hue app to the Hue Bridge, you need to make sure that they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi

Do all the LED’s from the bridge light up?

Make sure the lamp is max 1 meter away from the bridge when trying to connect.

Make sure the bridge software is up to date.

Are you using 3rd party apps? If you do, it might interfere with connecting the bulbs to the bridge; therefore we suggest you remove it.

Turn all the bulbs on from main switch (the one which is not being found and the other ones which are already being found) and try an automatic/manual search (they have to be less than 1m away from the bridge).

If with the automatic/manual the bulb is still not found, you can also use the lamp finder (only works for PC and Mac).

Hue bulb strange behaviour

If the Hue bulbs have connected successfully and have a strange behavior check the following:

Have you tried the bulb in a different fixture?

Do you use a wall dimmer with the bulb?

Have you tried to change the Zigbee Channel (Settings- Bridge- press on the “i” symbol and select Zigbee channel change)?

If not, please try all of them to check whether the bulbs get a better connection.

HUE bulb flickering

If the Hue bulbs have connected successfully and are flickering check the following:

Do you use a wall dimmer with the bulb?

Have you tried the bulbs in a different fixture?

Do you have a Hue dimmer available? If yes, I would advise performing a factory reset on the bulbs using the dimmer. Power on the related lamp and hold the dimmer switch close to the lamp (< 15cm). Press and hold at the same time the “ON” and “OFF” button against the lamp, until the lamp blinks. Once this is done, you will need to re-add the lamp to the Hue app.

How to reset the bulbs?

1. Set the bulb on a specific colour, and dim it to 10 percent (leave it on via the wall switch and the app)

2. Take the bridge out of the mains.

3. Check if the bulb comes to full brightness after a while?


1. Make sure that no 3rd party apps are involved; delete them for a while to see if they affect the bulbs connection

2. If you use the IFTTT service, please make sure to check the settings in there (it is consider also a 3rd party app)

3. Please unplug the bridge from the power, leave the light on via wall switch and app and see if the problem occurs again (switching off randomly)

4. Leave the light on via wall switch and off via the app, unplug the bridge from power and see if the problem occurs again (switching on randomly)

5. Also, you might have set alarms/timers that might be stored in the memory; to make sure they are deleted, please go to HUE app > Menu > Settings > My Bridge > Clean up (this means all routines created will be deleted).

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