How to Setup Philips Hue Bridge

The Phillips Hue starter kit comes with a bridge and 3 bulbs. The bridge acts as a conduit between the Hue app and the bulbs. Therefore, it’s important to setup the bridge correctly.

The Hue Starter Pack includes:

1X Hue Bridge
1X Power Adapter
1X LAN Cable
3X Hue Bulbs

Here is how you can setup the Hue Bridge in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Connect the power adapter to the bridge and plug it in the power socket.

Step 2

Connect the bridge to your Wi-Fi router with the LAN cable.

Step 3

The 3 LED lights on the bridge will start blinking and stabilize in a few seconds.

What does the 3 LED’s on the bridge mean?

POWER – The Bridge is connected to the power supply.
NETWORK – The Bridge is connected to the Wi-Fi router.
INTERNET – The Wi-Fi router has an active internet connection.

The 3rd LED, the world icon, it informs you that there is no connection between the bridge and the HUE server; therefore, you cannot link it to a HUE account.

If the first 2 LED’s do light up, you should be able to connect the bridge to the app.

Be aware that the device you are trying to link to the bridge, needs to be in the same network (and no Wi-Fi repeater/extenders or switches).

If the 3rd LED is not blinking

Check if your router uses 2.4Gz for Wi-Fi or 5Gz? (This information can be found on the router settings)

If you using 5 GHz, please turn it off so the router can only use the 2.4 GHz channel.

Make sure the bridge is connected directly to the router.

Restart the router and unplug the bridge from the mains.

After the reset, wait 20 second before you plug in everything back into the mains.

If the above do not solve the issue, please try a different internet cable and LAN port.

Also, check the router settings, as there might be a firewall that might be blocking the connection between the bridge and the Hue server.

Max distance from bridge to Hue bulbs

The Max distance from bridge to Hue bulbs is about 25-30 metres. The lamps normally work wherever you have Wi-Fi signal of the network to which your bridge is connected.

When you first setup the bridge and connect it to the Hue app it will automatically update the bridge software. If the bridge is unable to install the software update you can power cycle the bridge, router and your phone, and run the update again.

Please make sure that you device is in the same network as the bridge, and there are no Wi-Fi repeaters/switches connected.

Can I still control lights via the wall switches?

As long as the wall switches have no incorporated dimmer, you can still use them.

If you turn the lights off via the wall switch, the only downside is that you will not have control over the lights via the Hue app.

In order to re-gain access to the lights via the Hue app, the lights must be turned back on via the wall switch.

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