How to control Philips Hue lights with dimmer switch

In this article we will cover how to control Phillips Hue lights with a dimmer switch.

Please select “Lights” instead of “Scenes” so you will see the list of the 9 ceiling spots.

First turn off all the 9 ceiling spots by pressing the on/off button/slide. When they are all off, you can select the first 3 spots that you want to turn on by using the same on/off button/slide.

Select the color or the white temperature (if this is possible) by pressing the spot icon and select the brightness level.

When you did all these steps, please press the + button at the bottom right corner so you can save this scene.

Maybe it’s easy to choose a name so you remember that these are the first 3 spots.

When this scene is saved, you will notice that you are in the scene section so please press the “Lights” section on top of the screen again.

When you are in the “Lights” section again, you will see that the first 3 spots are still on.

Please leave the 3 selected spots On and select the next 3 spots that you want to turn on, by using the same on/off button/slide, so you will have 6 spots On.

At this step you could also select the color, the white temperature (if this is possible) and the brightness level. If everything is configured as you would like, press the + button again to save this scene (6 spots).

When this scene is saved, please go back to the “Lights” section again, select the last 3 spots, configure them as you would like and save this scene also (9 spots).

Now, all the scenes that we want to use, are created so we can configure the Hue dimmer switch.

Now, please go to the settings and go to the Accessory configuration.

Now select the dimmer switch and in this configuration you will see that we first have to select the room so please select the room where the 9 ceiling spots are paired to.

Beneath this, you will see what the lights will do after pressing the On button.

We have created 3 scenes (3 spots – 6 spots – 9 spots) so there is a possibility that you could create 2 more scenes if you want.

This could be the configuration for you: First press > Scene with 3 spots – Second press > Scene with 6 spots – Third press > Scene with 9 spots – Fourth press > Scene with 6 spots – Fifth press > Scene with 3 spots.

After configured the dimmer switch, please press the Save button at the top right.

I hope this helps you out!

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